About Us

O(1) hack is an entrepreneurial hackathon organised by IIIT-Delhi with an aim to catalyze the encounter of vivid talents and stir up the venturesomeness in the minds of the aspiring enthusiasts to promote the culture of technical startups.

Over a two-day period from May 27th to 28th, hackers from different communities collaborate, generate ideas, experiment and build projects to solve different problems under the guidance of a curated panel of mentors. This is the weekend to meet other enthusiastic hackers, push your boundaries, and realize the projects of your dreams into a potential tangible venture!


Registrations are closed. Join our waiting list to get an invite in case we have some last minute slots!!

Registration Process

  • Apply here
  • Selected applicants get an invite
  • Come join us at IIIT Delhi on 27th & 28th May
  • Hack & Win prizes!

Who all can attend?

Entrepreneurs, developers, designers, students in a nutshell i.e. anyone with an idea and a knack for entrepreneurial and team activities are invited.


Cash prizes, cloud credits, incubation, funding opportunities, swag and much more to be won


Big Data, Conversational Interfaces, Cyber Security, HealthTech, FinTech, Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Out of the box

Hackathon Format

The flow of the event will somewhat be like this

  • Introductions

    Introduce yourself and interact with people

  • Matchmaking

    Form teams

  • Decision Thinking Session

    Generate Ideas

  • Mentoring

    Learn from the experts

  • Hack

    Build the product

  • Feedback Session

    Know what others think

  • Pitch the product

    Present demos to gain funding

  • Results

    May the force be with you

We will expect people to build products and technologies that can be potential startups.


Day 1

Time Description
9:00 AM Registration Opens
10:00 AM Intro Session
10:30 AM Team Building
11:00 AM Ideation Workshop
12:30 PM Keynote Address
1:00 PM Lunch is served
2:00 PM Moving to the hacking area
8:00 PM Dinner

Day 2

Time Description
8:00 AM Breakfast
10:00 AM Pitch Feedback Sessions
12:00 PM Hacking Ends
12:30 PM Demo Fair
1:30 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Keynote Address
3:00 PM Pitching Session
4:30 PM Prizes announced, Event Feedback
5:00 PM High tea and event closing

Keynote Speakers

Amit K. Mishra

Amit K Mishra

Yashraj Bharadwaj

Yuvraj Bharadwaj


To Be Announced


Domain Partner: dottech (.tech)
Unboxed Coworking
Facebook Developer Circles
TiE Delhi NCR
Communication Partner: Flock
Domains 360
Startup Success Stories


  • Can I attend?


  • Does this cost money?

    No! :) All it costs is sweat and enthusiasm

  • What will I eat?

    Food and drinks are on us!

  • Where will I sleep?

    Some mattresses may be available for rest/sleep purposes

  • What all should I carry?

    Please, bring your own laptops, chargers, all technical gizmos you may need, toiletries, and amenities of personal care and grooming

  • Can I get a travel stipend/sponsorship?

    Sorry, as of now we don’t fund travel expenses of the participants

  • How do I get there?

    Click on the below link to know it.

  • Do I need a team to apply?

    No, you must apply as an individual as the teams are formed on the spot. However, you may encourage your friends to apply

  • What if I get late?

    We will close the registration at 10 AM sharp to make sure that the timeline of the event is maintained

  • Who are the organizers?

    Ecell, IIIT-Delhi

  • What is the schedule?

    Please, see here Schedule

  • What if I am an IIITD student?

    The same application process goes to all

  • Do you have a code of conduct?

    Yes, https://hackcodeofconduct.org/460-o_1_hack

  • Should we come with an idea?

    No, we want you to brainstorm and come up with ideas on the spot.

  • If you have any other questions that are not in the FAQs

    Drop us an email at [email protected]